Narcotics Anonymous Way of Life

~ 2008 Form ~

Together this dream comes true!


Twenty Years Clean

As a grateful member of NA, I recently had the humble experience of celebrating the miraculous gift 20 years clean.  Then, this weekend, I began reading chapters in the new "NA Way of Life."  Today I celebrate the miracle of this healing literature.

I am moved to tears of joy.  That our fellowship publishes such an inclusive solution-oriented resource is a gift beyond words to each & every recovering addict.  I have personally spend many tens of thousands of dollars learning what is so clearly laid out in the few chapters I have read.  Some of these topics have been labeled as "outside issues" by some members at meetings where I have shared.  Fortunately, I have found meetings & fellow members who support all of us who have a desire to stay clean & need to speak openly on deep emotional issues & solutions that work.

I just want to offer my sincere thanks to each & every fellow member of NA who has been of service through contributing to this work.

With gratitude & love,

Carol K.
[rec'd August 17, 2008]

Jacksonville, FL USA

  As a newcomer, I am in support of and excited about any literature that can expand on and (encourage the celebration of) the Spiritual Gift that is NA Recovery. I believe that any literature that is written by addicts for other addicts is part and parcel of the lifeblood of this Fellowship. Our literature and collective experience, strength, and hope always has the possibility of being wide-ranging and panoramic in its topics; the disease itself seemingly has no limit in its destruction or pernicious tactics, so aren't we, as recovering addicts, somewhat obligated to stay one step ahead of the Shadow and illuminate others with our love and support?

    I hope that we can stay vigilant and avoid 'Diseased Recovery'. From my own brief time in, I have heard a small but vocal contingent complain of NA in my area because it is no longer "how it used to be". Get on that Steam Engine and ride! I believe that not remaining open-minded is a blatant reservation in my program - resistance to growth and change. If I only listen to the addict with 20 years clean and ignore the addict with 20 minutes clean, I could be tuning God out. My belief is that personal Surrender of the Will is a Key Function of NA Recovery. And this Consciousness of Surrender, enacted in our Group Conscience, should lead to God's Will being evident in our Groups, Areas, Regions, etc... By that thread of thought, I strongly believeNA has changed due to its alignment with God's Will! I believe that Surrender is simply a synonym of the Acknowledgment of God's Will. It is ALL God's Will. NA is a big table, with a seat for any one who wants a new way of life.

    I am grateful for the lifeblood of this Fellowship - two addicts sharing and caring together - an exchange of proven suggestions and new concepts, utilized on an 'experimental basis'. That simple union has expanded, and continues to expand, to the point where we need new literature, new ideas, and new people who are Recovering through the 12 Steps and operating under the guidance of the 12 Traditions.

Sign me on!
Grateful Jax Beach Addict

Appleton, WI USA

I wanted to thank the NA Way of Life for adding my story to NA Twenty Plus. I am not a reader or writer. I had left NA for ten years. I had come back and ran across the website and decided to write my story. Not still feeling a part of NA – I did it anyway. I understood the need and cause but I never understood how it would make me feel.

When I found out that my story was published on the website – I dropped to my knees. Wow! Someone just gave me affirmations. I started telling people about the website and I told them its like sharing in a meeting and someone walks up to you and says, “What you had to share helped me allot.”

It’s a warm and loving feeling that maybe I am worth something and I do need to be here. Now the story is being printed in my area newsletter from the NA Way of Life website under Experience, Strength and Hope.

This is a man that does not read or write but now I do read most days. I am currently reading the Tradition Wars at home. I bought a local newspaper and read some of that while I was working. I found it really boring compared to the Tradition Wars. I am hooked on reading NA literature today. I am still in love with NA.

David D.

Baltimore, MD USA

I am very excited to have the chance to read and input on a work as great as this book. I often think of the countless hours that have been put into this by addicts all around the world, and it reminds me daily of the humility that I need to practice in my recovery, Together We can! I am reminded of the quote in the preface of the Basic Text that says “The full fruit of a labor of love lives in the harvest, and that always comes in the right season …”, this work is truly a labor of love, and it will be complete when it is supposed to be, only God knows when the season is.

 I have always found a lot of meaning in the clichés that circle around our fellowship, my sponsor said to me once “You can count the seeds in a apple, but you can’t count the apples in a seed”. Never has this been more clear then with literature such as this, we may know how many addicts have worked on this book, but we will never know how many it will help!  

Peace & Blessings,

 Mike L.
East of the Bay Area May 2008

Jacksonville, Florida USA

When the Basic Text was approved in 1982, a long awaited dream came  true. As one of the writers on the book, we foresaw some very different types would suddenly develop a deep yearning to help the poor addicts and get a job at WSO. Being at the center gives a person an air of power and control. It is part of our sickness that we need props to substitute feeling good about ourselves. All these things I viewed as normal and expectable. Also, I knew a great many mistakes would be made. Among others, I stayed on another seven years in service on the World Service Conference and the World Service Board of Trustees. The creation of the Basic Text was such a phenomenal turn around from the hopelessness and despair of addiction for me, it seemed only fair to follow through, helping as needed. My goal was to help my people stop dying. I soon realized I had been kicked upstairs because I was not interested in the same goals as those active with building the WSO into a world-wide organization. As an administrator I can easily see how that would drive people crazy, and I was crazy enough. Basically, I was crazy about NA. I was the best parent I could be while still active in world service. That means most months I was out of town a weekend or two and there was always some big project we were 'working' on. 

Finally, when I failed confirmation for another five year term on the Board of Trustees, I was more relieved than anything. It was on the tail end of the 4th Edition debacle in 1989 and what a wake up call that was. Our dearly beloved WSO had taken it on themselves, with the air of officiousness, pomp and ceremony, to edit the Basic Text without any of the double checks and reviews that we not only expected but demanded. Remember, the active Fellowship that had just written the book was watching everything that happened. I got blamed by friends of long standing for the poor administration of WSO in the  4th Edition and other matters. The WSC and WSO edit contained twenty-five incomplete sentences. The editor was hired after three years by WSO under a 1985 WSC motion carried with an amendment deleting the word "grammar" lest it be misinterpreted to broaden the scope of the 'light edit' requested. Furthermore, the WSO gave the editor the wrong version of the Basic Text to edit. No one caught these mistakes. 

The 'review' by the WSC Lit Committee under supervision of WSO took place mainly on long distance conference calls limited to two hours with discussion and voting on changes for each sentence and paragraph. It took a lot of calls to complete the process. Notice, please, that none of these members noted the wrong form they were working from - different from the Basic Text in publication and use by the Fellowship at the time, 1986, 1987 and 1988. I later asked one of the members of the Lit Committee when they reviewed the changes made to insure that they followed the votes taken on the conference calls and they expressed surprise. They never checked to make sure the changes approved or disapproved by the long distance call discussions were properly factored into the Text. This just seemed to me like a normal thing for a conscientious committee to do. When it later came out that there were incomplete sentences in the 4th Edition , there was no more need to concern myself with trying to avoid such disasters. They had mis-managed so badly that they printed hundreds of thousands books and distributed them to the world-wide Fellowship and recovery publishers outside NA. If the people in charge were capable of this, with members jockeying for positions at WSO, I realized I needed another way to serve NA and went to a new home group and made coffee for two hundred members every Wednesday for a few years.   

The Regional Service Representatives came to the WSC in 1989 with direction to restore the 3rd Edition Revised in strong opposition to the poor job done on the 4th Edition Basic Text.. When they allowed themselves to be duped into approving a 5th Edition sight unseen, it was over. They left hundreds of other changes in the book that exceeded the empowering motion from 1985. I realized on a deep level just how much the Fellowship depends on people capable of standing on principle. We study the past so we can see the future coming in time to change it for the better. The most well intended and popular members can never keep up with all the web-work of interlocking policies and procedures being generated by our bureaucracy over the years. Furthermore, they would favor a few policies that seemed to give them what they thought best and ignore other policies because other people were ignoring them. This violates our group conscience process. Sorry, folks, that's just the way it is. 

The process fell apart and today you have the super board management system orchestrating the WSC, WSO, while the WSB is gone and the NAWS board has all the money and all the power. Read Naom Chomsky's book Manufactured Consent which describes the process of using a supposedly democratic process to justify pre-determined outcomes.  Some people think you can't fight city hall and win. The theory is that by controlling the police, the newspapers and public podiums, enough people can be confused or persuaded to see the sense of following their elected officials, no matter what may be giving cause for concern. Well, it has been my experience that the top of the mountain in NA is the home group. And our experience has been that God can and will use us as instruments to contribute to the common welfare of NA. It doesn't take money or outside control to do these things.

It is not that WSO, NAWS, or any other incarnation of our world service contingent is made up of bad people or evil doers. It is just incredibly complicated and there are very real limitations on what any bureau can do. I studied all this as a subject when I was on the Board of Trustees from 1984 to 1989. I went to the Director of the Political Science Department at Georgia State University where I had attended college classes for nearly four years in the sixties. ALL bureaus spend time and money to collect reliable, accurate information on which to base their policies and decisions. Since they have to strike a line on how much time and money they put into doing surveys to gather this information and usually the import of information is highly influenced by presentation, it is easy to be off course and not know it. Corporations go out of business because of this every day. My point here is that we all have a stake in what happens to our Fellowship. It takes active informed members to insure that our world services functions properly. You cannot have informed members without study materials. You have noticed - haven't you? - that there is not much published written material about what the heck happened in NA in the 1990's. If you are dedicated enough to be reading this, you will eventually become informed and make your own personal choices. I want you to recall that I said NA is dependent on the spirit of a Loving God working through people. It is your sincerity and surrender that opens the door to your recovery. There is no doubt in my mind that everyone at every level has had the best interests of NA in mind and at heart throughout this whole process. NA members wrote the Basic Text. NA members will help solve these issues and concerns, right? That really means you because I hope by now you know where I stand. It takes you to make it a we. 

The work on the NA Way of Life, Traditions War: a pathway to peace, the Spirit of NA and NA Twenty-Plus are all projects being conducted by a world wide home group called the NA Foundation Group. The acronym for NA Way of Life Foundation Group is W.O.L.F. Group. We have meetings in several countries and hope for more. We recommend being friendly with local service committees and making financial contributions to either the locals or WSO to let them know we are doing the best we can to play by the rules, such as they are. The WSC World Literature Committee of course is long gone. Our contributions to the common welfare of NA will stand long after we are gone. Power is the ability to define reality. We believe that Power exists out in the Fellowship and only has to be acknowledged to awaken. We call to that Power to guide us in all we do. 

On a personal level, working on these books has kept me busy during a long, drawn out battle with sleep apnea. In 1989, hundreds of people were calling me on the telephone worried about what world services was doing and I tried to encourage them to keep faith. I tried to point them to what they could do to help. I would tell them how many pages we had in the NA Way of Life book and that helped some of them. God, it felt like I was walking the plank off a pirate ship over shark infested waters but if that's what HP wanted me to do... Now, I am so very grateful to have spent all the long, loving hours it has taken to help this project of almost twenty years move forward to its present form. 

I want to thank the guy who sent me a printer from San Diego, the guy who bought  me a computer and later loaned me his laser jet, another member who got me another computer a few years later. Thanks for the article that taught me how to re-ink a Star-1000 printer ribbon while showing me that using a little motor oil is a good alternative when money is scarce. I want to thank the brave members of NA who gave me the material for the NA Way of Life  I am eternally grateful for the words individuals have offered during the creation of this book. Their words inspired me to keep going - and they do so today!

In Loving Service,

Bo S.  
May 2008

Birmingham, Alabama USA
A Long Strange Trip
I just came across the NA Way of Life website (again) and I think it's awesome! My name is John G. I got clean at the South Avondale group of NA in Birmingham, Al.
on March 27, 1987. I currently live in Raleigh, NC. I recently 'came back' to NA after a lengthy hiatus. I left B'ham in  1991,and the NA that I found was sorely 
lacking on many levels....and I just stayed away every time I moved for the same reason. I've been attending AA since then, and after a bitter divorce a couple of 
years ago needed to go where my ex wasn't, and where nobody knew her, or me really.

So I came back. NA saved my life and I've always been grateful for it. I was 21 when I got clean, and I've quite literally grown up in recovery. There was something 
magical and special about the NA that I found in B'ham. Coming back has allowed me to re-connect with that, and with the extraordinary sense of gratitude that I feel 
for what NA was, and what it does, and for the life that I have as a result of being clean. Whoever 'ya'll' are, I dig the website and would appreciate any info on how 
I can participate.


Edmonton, Alberta CANADA
Good Day:

I've read the Traditions Wars. How true that is. I've experienced that on a personal level myself. I'm one of those who did the selfless service. I've
been a part of the service structure of the Edmonton Area of Narcotics Anonymous since 1994. I've always run into problems with the other type of
person described in the book. I've worked in the Literature Depot for eight of the ten years I was active in Narcotics Anonymous. On many a slow Sunday,
I would read the literature in the depot. I've read the Basic Text many times as well as It Works How & Why cover to cover. I've read every other
book that was in the literature depot. I've read every sub-committee guide a couple of times, the guide to local service and the 12 concepts.

It would seem that those types of people only apply the traditions when it is to their advantage. I believe one should get over ones self and live by
the traditions in all cases. I am vocal about those things too. Being the rebel child of an alcoholic family that is in my nature. The traditions set
the ground work for an environment where people can recover. 

It is quite amazing how those people will study the literature hard to find one sentence so that they can misinterpret the whole chapter to their
advantage. For example; many of those people use the reading "What is the NA program" to justify censorship. The line that reads "We don't care what or
how much you used or who your connections are" is taken out of context. By reading the chapter in the basic text, it tells me that this line means to
say that NA is an inclusive program not an exclusive program such as AA. Only a couple more paragraphs down, it goes on to say that NA meetings are
supposed to be safe places where addicts can share freely. To point that out to those people means getting righteous indignance as a response.

The problem is those people who are in it for personal gain, usually pride (that "don't you know who I think I am syndrome") don't like their authority
questioned. I've done that on many occasions and paid the price. I've had my character assassinated. Had my clean time questioned. All sorts of things
happen when you don't agree with their point of view. They don't like it when you oppose the (unofficial) Censorship and Un-NA activities (such as
drinking near beer and of course the evil step 13 and other such things) committee. If you don't agree with censorship, they want you to stay quiet.
I don't do that. What they like the least is when you point out to them that the NA literature suggests something different than what they are proposing
to do. For example; the clarity statement. I pointed out to them that it is not WSO approved, probably because there is an expectation of conformity in
it which is a violation of tradition 3. What I get in response is righteous indignation and the reading is read at meetings anyway. There are many other

To make a long story short. A group of them decided to run me off. Those people who agreed with me didn't do anything out of fear of the same thing
happening to them. I ended up relapsing. When I came back to recover in December of 2005, I ended up in the rooms of Cocaine Anonymous because I was
not accepted in the rooms of Narcotics Anonymous. I got my recovery there. Amazingly the people who drove me out of the rooms on Narcotics Anonymous
resent me for going over to Cocaine Anonymous. It's like they couldn't revel in their victory over me.

I went to an NA convention here in this city a couple of years ago. While there, I found out that the Edmonton Area of Narcotics Anonymous shut down a
meeting in a treatment center because the area didn't like a policy change of the facility. When I asked if the group that met in that facility had
done anything to violate tradition 4, they tried to side step the question. Since there response suggested that the group had not done anything to
violate tradition four, I asked if tradition ten was given any consideration what so ever when the decision was made. Again I was met by righteous

Ten minutes later, at a workshop on "Public Image" I found out that the topic was step 13. I asked the chair of the workshop where in the NA
literature does in talk about step 13. After a period of silence, I pointed out that it isn't in any of the literature. It comes from the addictions
treatment industry. So I pointed out that, by promoting the values of an outside enterprise for image or prestige reasons, they are in violation of
tradition six. Again, righteous indignance.

Being the rebel child of an alcoholic family, I wasn't scared to put that stuff out there. I also knew that NA wasn't the only game in town and my
recovery didn't depend on the NA establishment liking me or not. This time, I knew that there was CA.

Narcotics Anonymous has to look at it's self to see why Cocaine Anonymous was created. Cocaine Anonymous, at least in Edmonton, operates very
differently than Narcotics Anonymous. There are times when I feel like a refugee in the rooms of CA. This document and the NAWOL needs to get out to
the fellowship.

It is important that I point out that I don't blame NA for my relapse, although it was a contributing factor. They didn't buy me the bottle or the
powder. Nor did they put it in me that was my choice. I was aware of Cocaine Anonymous before I relapsed. I had met a number of CA members doing
Hospitals and Institutions work at various jails and institutions. I respected those people and their recovery. I could have gone over to CA with
out the relapse.

Yours truly,

Guy W.

Middleton, Connecticut USA

A Letter To Support a New Way of Life

The NA Way of Life


I am an addict named Tim H.  Narcotics Anonymous has saved my life.  I just got off the phone with a sponsee brother who wanted to know what spiritual principle we will be editing Friday night at our NA Way of Life Group.  I told him that we sent our edits to Bo S. on spiritual principle nine last week (Patience) and will be editing principle number ten this week (Humility).  With a simple phone call and a few lines typed on the computer, I just described how our NA Way of Life group in Middletown , Connecticut works.  We edit sections of the NA Way of Life book-period.  This is a book that has been written by addicts for addicts.   This piece of literature has been helping addicts around the globe.    I’ve come to understand that what we’re doing is very simple-making edits.  The result of this process, however, is astronomical!


Our NA Way group meets every Friday in Middletown , Connecticut on 190 Court Street.   We have ten to fifteen members in attendance each week.  We have been steadily growing in numbers as the spiritual word has been getting around.    The group meets immediately following the 10 p.m NA group called No Limits.   This group was started by several members that attend the NA Way of Life group.    The reason why the NA group got started was so our NA Way of Life group had a place to meet without any spiritual blockers.  Since we are in concert instead of in conflict with NA, the Narcotics Anonymous community in Connecticut supports our writing group.  We are a group of addicts who meet regularly to help serve our primary purpose-to help the still sick and suffering addict!

The NA Way of life group is serving Narcotics Anonymous’ primary purpose.  Addicts new to the rooms of NA who are part of our writing group feel a part of something greater than themselves.   Writing for the still sick and suffering addict gives us a sense of euphoria we never found in drugs.  The energy that circles the room when we are discussing the literature and making edits stays with us throughout the week.  We leave the room energized and excited about recovery; even though we often leave the room well past one in the morning.  Our hearts and thoughts are with the literature we’re editing so the spirit stays with us after we leave.  The NA Way of Life group has changed our lives by bringing new excitement into our recovery.  We are encouraging more members  to join our group and help us get this powerful piece of literature to more addicts.  We have found that when we are excited about recovery, our lives tend to go better.

Our NA Way members felt pumped when Bo S.  put our edits into the 2008 version of the NA Way of Life.  We felt special.  We felt important. We felt like we were helping other addicts stay clean.  When we help other addicts stay clean, we help save lives.  When we help save lives, we continue to save our own in the process.  We know where all the credit for this life saving group goes-to God!  By simply serving our primary purpose, we get to have better lives.  The NA Way of Life group has made all of our lives better!  We have never been so excited about recovery.  We are finding that when we are excited about our recovery, we tend to be happier people!

I pray for the willingness to remain diligent with my recovery.  I know that when I do the things I am supposed to do, I get to do the things  I want to do.  I look forward to continuing our NA Way of Life group and serving our primary purpose.   I hope other addicts join our group and experience the same excitement for writing that we have.  I know that all of the members of our NA Way of Life group have one thing in common-we are staying clean!  We have five newcomers in our group that call and mention how excited they are for our NA Way Group on Friday night.  Nothing is cooler than seeing someone new in NA catch the fever of recovery.    Our common goal is to stay clean and help the still sick and suffering addict.  To do this book justice, we need to continue to act with love so that more members of Narcotics Anonymous have the opportunity to read this life saving literature. 

The words in the NA Way of Life book have opened our minds, bodies, and spirits to a whole new way of life.  The book that was written by addicts for addicts does one simple thing-it makes us feel better when we read it.  We feel like we’re reading the new revolution in Narcotics Anonymous.  As we gain recovery, we gain new ideas.  These new ideas help save peoples lives.  We owe it to ourselves to get this literature read by as many addicts as possible.  To do anything else would be total insanity.  Why wouldn’t we want to get better?  Why wouldn’t we want the best treatment possible for our disease?      This piece of literature is like another treatment for cancer.  Of course the cancer patient would want as many options as possible to help arrest the disease.  They would want the best treatment possible.   Why wouldn’t addicts?  It’s time to let go of restrictions and rules that keep us from reaching new levels of freedom in Narcotics Anonymous.  It’s time to help more addicts through more life saving literature!  I have come to expect only one thing from our NA Way of Life Group and the book we are helping to edit-more miracles!

Excited about recovery and honored to serve Narcotics Anonymous,


Tim H.



Johannesburg, South Africa


“Thanks for the newsletter and for the service Lester.


“To the best of my knowledge there are two "wolf group" members here in SA (sounds like a boy scout thing!) and I am not proud to say that, despite my admiration for the work, I have not been active or effective. I'm sticking around though!


“While I have not been able to contribute to the development of the work be assured that it is passed on … my sponsees and others are familiar with it and many find it as useful a guide as I.


“Thanks again and more strength to y'all.”


Mark J.  


Charlottesville , Virginia USA


Dear Lester,

Two Thumbs Way Up!!!

What a great idea to have a vehicle to communicate to others who are working on this book! I posted a revised version of Chapter 4 of the NA Way Of Life on the web site for all to group conscience. Okay Bo said he posted it up there in the input section. Please send comments and suggestions directly to me, Kermit O at Let me know what you think as these are very extensive edits of each of the 1st 4 chapters that we group conscienced in Draper, Virginia and Knoxville , Tennessee along with several months of mine and my wife, Jamise's final editings.

Anyone interested in seeing Chapters 1,2 and 3 which I wanted to go over one last time before sending in, can send me an email to and I will be glad to send out what we have to date.

If I can be of service to anyone in assisting them in witting on this book or any form of recovery writings, I am more than happy to do so. If you have any pieces you would like me to edit or make suggestions on, feel free to email them to me with any notes or input I should be aware of... like what your trying to say or who you are trying to reach with the piece.

I have come to understand that an Editors job is to be the advocate for the reader and the writer. It is our job to make sure that the reader understands what the writer is trying to say and that the writers words get heard by the reader.

I welcome any and all of you to participate in the awesome miracle of writing, reviewing and editing Narcotics Anonymous Literature. There is nothing, absolutly nothing, that can compare to getting recovery ideas down on paper and knowing that they will be available to help the suffering addict find peace for years and years to come.


Lots of love and light,

Kermit O

Charlottesville , Virginia



Hawaii USA


Aloha Bo ,

Yes this book keeps getting better and better. I have all of my sponsees work out of it. I work my Steps and
Traditions out of it. I LOOOOOOOOOOOVE it. The only thing to make it better would be a set of worksheets to
work the Steps and Traditions out of the book. I have a old set from an addict from many years ago. But they could use some editing and refurbishing, etc. Although i am grateful!!!!!!!!!!! It is saving my life!!!!!

As usual i am begging for the latest edition. I would like to order atleast 3 hardbacks of the 2008 form. PLEASE
LET ME KNOW WHEN I CAN.  I missed out on the hardbacks for the 2007. I got my money back and the 2 softbacks but still need hardbacks. Let me know PLEASE as soon as they are avalible.

Mahalo Nui Loa,'
Lesa K. N.


Titusville, Florida USA March 14, 2008

How do your spiritual beliefs differ today from when you came into recovery?...

I have more hope today. Hope was something that rapidly disappearing from my life In the later days of my using. I had come to believe that I was destined to die face down in the gutter somewhere without ever having had a chance to change my life around. today I have hope of becoming the person that I am capable of becoming. I have learned to surrender when things do not go the way I would have them go. Quite often, this is not an easy thing for me to do. But, I have learned through practice that when I do surrender even though things may not happen the way I wanted them to, the outcome is usually what is best for me. Today, I find acceptance of life on life’s terms easier to handle. I have discovered that acceptance opens the door for me to learn a little bit more about the person that I am becoming and allows for growth in my life. I have discovered that honesty with myself (first and foremost)is the key that opens the door that truly allows me to know who I am and that honesty with others allows me to more fully share in the collective experiences of those who walk this path with me as well as those that have gone before me. I am increasingly become more open-minded when it comes to exploring new ideas and listening to what others have to possibly contribute to my well being. Willingness has become something that I continually seek. In the beginning of my recovery and still to this day I often find myself praying for the willingness to be willing to do that which is immediately in front of me. Today I have faith that a power greater than me is in control and that life will proceed in the manner that it is supposed to and even though I may have to experience things that I do not want to, the outcome will always bring me nearer to becoming the person that I have always been capable of becoming. I am learning tolerance for others particularly when their belief systems differ from mine and to a certain degree I can tolerate their actions. Learning patience for me has been a slow process but I have noticed that most of the Time I am not in such a hurry to live my life, and on many occasions I have been able to notice the miracles that are around me almost constantly. In Step Seven it says that  humility has a lot to do with getting honest with ourselves and in the same paragraph it goes on to say that to be truly humble is to accept and honestly try to be who we are. Being in Recovery has and is allowing me the opportunity to discover & accept who I am and work at honestly trying to be that person. Off and on throughout my recovery I have been privileged to catch glimpses of unconditional love which for me represents a state of consciousness that surpasses my total self-centeredness. It has become my belief that one of the most direct routes to achieving this state of consciousness can be found in the open and honest sharing and caring accompanied with a lot of prayer and meditation and the attempt to practice these principals in all of my affairs. It is in sharing & caring that I can find respite from my self-centeredness and possibly catch a glimpse of  true Unconditional Love. 


Lester O.


Tehran, Iran - April 12, 2008

Hi & Hugs family,

R_______ an addict from Tehran, Iran. I have great respect for you, I also visited Nawol thanks to Stevens directions and have to wait for Most Of them to be translated I shared this with my friends have to translate making my English & Persian better feels great they rushed me With lots of questions some may sound silly but as you Know we take all questions seriously. 

A guy I met online, I sent him the NAWOL link & this is his reply, pretty cool NAWOL being read in Tehran.


Norway - April 10, 2008

Things are going great for the most. Have got some health issues that I'm troubled with, but acceptance is always the solution... ;)
I'll definately go check out the 2008 version of The NA Way Of Life, I have a couple of printed versions already, and I love them dearly.
I've just finished working my 11th step for the 3rd time in the Step Working Guides, and as soon as I'm done with Step 12  for this time, I'm gonna be working through the traditions with my sponsor, using the Traditions Guide that I believe you've been working on as well. I there a new version of this, maybe even a printed one that I could order?
Also, I have read through the "Making Of The Basic Text", and I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you so so much for the work that you did in making our book happen. Our Basic Text found it's ways into my hands in August 2001 when I got clean, and I haven't had to use since, thanks to the identification I found for the very first time while reading it!!
Have a great weekend and keep up the great work!
Love & Fellowship,
Per L.
Norway ;)

Ottawa, Ontario - March 24, 2008

Hi Lester

I just wanted to give you an update about how things are going in Ottawa.

Unfortunately, we no longer have an official "NAWOLF" group, however, there is easily 100 books that have been distributed. The word is out! The meeting broke into smaller groups of members who have now taken the literature into their personal programs, and hopefully we will re-convene when the time is right. I see it as a huge success, as soooooo much we already shared and is still being shared, and of course, the journey is yet to fully transpire!

I will keep you up to date as things change, but I did want to let you know so that you may change the info on the site. 


Barbi T.

What Is Narcotics Anonymous? - A good read indeed!
NARCOTICS ANONYMOUS is a fellowship designed and administered by a bunch of ex-drugies 
whose only qualifications for membership are that

- They can't use drugs and have decided they don't want to learn how.

- Not that they could anyway, they never could, and it's highly unlikely that they ever would.

- It has no rules, dues or fees, nor anything else that any sensible organization seems to require.

- At meetings, the speaker starts on one subject, winds up talking about something entirely different, and concludes by saying he doesn't know anything about the 
program except that it works.

- The groups are always broke, yet always seem to have money to carry on. They are always losing members but seem to grow.

- They claim NA is a selfish program but they always seem to be trying to give it away and to do something for others.

- Every group passes laws, rules, edicts and pronouncements that everyone blithely ignores; members who disagree with anything have the privilege to walk out in a huff, quitting 
forever, only to return as if nothing has happened and be greeted accordingly.

- Nothing is ever planned 24 hours ahead, yet great projects are born and survive magnificently.

- Nothing in NA is according to Hoyle. How can it survive? Perhaps it's because we have learned 
to live and laugh at ourselves.

- God made man. He made laughter too. Perhaps he is pleased with our disorganized efforts and makes things right no matter who pushes the wrong button. 
Maybe he is pleased, not with our lack of perfection, but with our sincerity.

- Maybe he is pleased with our trying to be nobody but ourselves. We don't know how it works, 
but it does, and members keep receiving their dividends from their NA investments. It is 
smart to be clean, and much easier, my friends, to stay clean than to get clean.

- I not only believe in Miracles......I depend on them!!!!!!


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Reprinted from the 
Narcotics Anonymous Way of Life, 
Traditions War: a pathway to peace,
The Spirit of NA 
or NA Twenty Plus

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Copyright © December 1998
Victor Hugo Sewell, Jr.

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