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Sunday Morning till 2:00 p.m.

To root out typos, poorly worded sentences and read in group setting to mark hot spots and discuss changes. This is something we believe only NA members can do and do well. We really need your support on this!

Bring food and blankets - bring laptops or supplies like paper and legal pads.

There is no charge for these Conferences.
We pass the basket to buy groceries. Come on and help make it better!

Go north (or South!) on I-75 to the Rocky Face Exit. This is the exit just north of Walnut. Go East (that's right if you northbound, left if southbound) one half mile to Shugart at the QT Station. Turn right for one mile on Shugart to Waugh Street. Left on Waugh a little over two miles to the Krystal on the right. Just past this, angle to the right to take the access strip down to North Hamilton Street. Turn left under the bridge to Carter Hope Center, 309 North Hamilton Street - 706/226-7044

Contact: Steve or Marla for further information!   706/517-8684



January 29 and 30, 2000

Carter Hope Center - Dalton, Georgia

Attendance: Steve S., Marla C., Rob D. Kelly S., John G., Gary C., Linda

Saturday, January 29, 2000

12:00 Gathered at the Carter Hope Center, discussed why we are here and what we would like to see accomplished.

Bo introduced and Steve chaired the first session.
Steve opened with the Serenity Prayer.
Rob read Traditions
Intro’s and where we were at on concerns and goals for this weekend.

Gary Newcomer has something to go to, evolution of the book, getting it to the point of having something in our hands.

Kelly Agrees with collapsing chapters. Trying to pull out but doing it anyway. Trying to take his life & working to another level. Didn’t want to be here today, but did it anyway.

Marla Needs to be here. By the grace of God I stand for something today. I believe in this project, doesn’t always make me popular.

Steve By adding in writing from people in this area, will show them that we are willing to do this. All has to congel somewhere, went thru open stage now going thru opposition from outside forces stage, following thru encourges support. Valid that we follow thru on our promise.

John When it gets tough chapter may fit in with chapter on emotional pain.

Steve May combine older chapters withb this new one.

Bo Agrees with combining some of older chapters with when it gets tough.

John don’t convert people they are just missing the big picture.

Rob Flow reading, building on smaller chapters. Smaller chapters are distint ideas. Doesn’t really agree with merging chapters just because they are small.

Steve Anything we share in this book is based on principles, so there should always be a place for something in one of the steps.

Linda Trust-possibly toi be combined

Steve Chapter on Sex may be merged on relationships.

Rob         Sex chapter should stand.

Steve Maybe retitle life threatening illness. People need to know how to die clean.

Retail Therapy – put in Disease concept??

Put Chapters together, merge ch 13 and 2

Maybe he can share what he saw Greg P do


Emotional pain and abuse & neglect

Ch 9 and ch 14

Maybe merge in as we edit

Past creates pain in recovery

Bo Would b good to collapse & would make it cohesive. Maybe more on Gossip.

You can take any topic – lose focus

Don’t have to include every aspect of NA in that topic.

Steve Emotional Pain. Leaves as chapter

Maybe find other things to go with it – open for input.

Personal Responsibility (Ch. 15) – Keep as is.

Gay in recovery merged with Gender Ch 17.

Kelly Youth in Recovery, Gays in Recovery, and Gender & the Message be combined and title changed.

Steve Stay away from Group Therapy, Stay focused on NA.

Kelly About droping labels, identify in.

Rob Need to steer kids to identify in, need to keep separate chapters.

Kelly Need to zero in on people in recovery

John Need to keep Ch. the same to "catch" them- get then to read it.

Youth and Recovery doesn’t fit under Gender.

Merge Gays in Recovery with Gender.

Leave Youth in Recovery Standing.

Parenting (Ch. 19) stands on it’s own.

Steve ‘God as we understand him’ or ‘Higher Power’ put ‘NA Athiest’ with that

Replace God with ‘Power Greater then Ourselves’ and include NA Athiest with it.

Merge ch 20 & 21.

Marla Miracles ch needs to stand, need stories of miracles in recovery

Bo Jody story will go in there

Steve Chapter 3, 23 & 24 merge.

Chapter 1 & 26 merge

Renumber chapter & reconsider order

Bo Make History & Origins 2nd chapter

Make NA Society 1st chapter

Unleash the Energy over to Trust

Rob Gossip may go into Trust

 4:00 lunch
4:30 pm resume

After long and detailed discussion, the following chapter changes were decided upon:

NEW     OLD                New Title
CH          CH

Section One: Orientation

1            28                      NA Society

2            2                      Disease Concept

3                                      Power Greater than Ourselves

4           3,23,24            Spiritually Clean

5            4                    Personality Change

6            6                    Recovery Process

7           5                     Trust

8           1                     Learning to Live

9          15                     Personal Responsibility

Section Two: Issues

10         14                  Emotional Pain

11         8                  Loneliness and Reaching Out

12          9                 Getting over Abuse and Neglect

13        11                  Jails, Institutions and Death

14         29                 When It gets Tough

15         12                Life-Threatening Illness

Section Three: Applications

16         7                  Relationships

17        10                 Sex

18        17                Gender and the Message

19        18                Youth in Recovery

20       19                 Parenting

21        16               Employment

22       13                Compulsive Spending

Section Four: Evidence

23       22               Miracles

24       27               History and Origins

25       25                Service

Sunday 11:00 to 3:00 pm

Flow read in two workshops

Jackie H., Terry, Mike, Nicole and others. Special thanks to Carter Hope Center and all who helped make this Conference a huge success. Re-ordering the chapters and continuing the flow reads to correct the chapters plus the fine job Dalton members have done on Step One, the Pledge, Prefact, Introduction and the Miracles chapters is just great!

Thanks to all!

Next Conference in Moultrie, Georgia, date to be announced.

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Reprinted from the 
Narcotics Anonymous Way of Life, 
Traditions War: a pathway to peace,
The Spirit of NA 
or NA Twenty Plus

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Copyright December 1998
Victor Hugo Sewell, Jr.

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