Narcotics Anonymous Way of Life

Marietta Literature
Conference II~

Narcotics Anonymous Way of Life

Clubhouse of the Rising Sun

890 Atlanta Road - Marietta, GA 30060

Attendance: Eddie C., Brad S., John M.., Bo S., John G., Steve S. and Marla C.

7:00 Friday, May 19th, 2000 - Opened with Serenity Prayer.

Discussed why were are here. Set up equipment. Stopped for 8:00 meeting.

10:00 reopened with Serenity Prayer and read the 2nd Principle- Surrender, made marks. Later discussed and factored in changes based on marks, saved and printed. John left at 11:00. Bo left at 2:00 after completing the equipment set up.


10:00 Saturday, May 20th, 2000 - I called John M. and John from Dalton called me. Got started around 11:00. Read Principle 2 and made a few more changes. Read Tradition 3, marked some typos and a few paragraphs need grouping and restructuring.

We read Principle 12 - Caring and Sharing, Tradition 3 and typed in the results of our discussion.


1:30 - Steve and Marla came in from Dalton. Steve asked about ASC not allowing group money to be contributed into area treasury. Our GSR reported that one member thinks we are violating traditions by having literature review group because we read unapproved literature at our meeting. This person picked up two or three supporters and ASC chair seemed to go along. The matter was never put out to group conscience.

Steve was concerned that it looks like we really were doing something wrong, got caught and didn’t react to it. John and Bo feel like the members are big boys and girls and need to sort through all this themselves. For sure we don’t need mean and suspicious people writing literature.

We are registered with WSO and enjoy support from the world wide fellowship. We decided to send our donations to WSO and let it go at that. Steve cited some policy he read, "When a group is unable to participate in a local area, the group should send donations to world service."

We read the Introduction to the 12 Traditions, Principle One - Hope and Principle Three - Acceptance, Tradition Three, Principle Five - Open-Mindedness were all read and finalized in several readings. The outstanding job of reading and editing chapters was very tiring and we broke conference early to get some rest. Everyone is to be congratulated for the fine job! Also, we are grateful to the people and the place of the Rising Sun Clubhouse. It provided and cozy, charming backdrop to our conference - and we gave out four white chips!!!

Due to the time constraints, we determined to complete the 2000 form in small workshops. A larger conference will be held in future. Dalton, Marietta and Moultrie will be working on chapters with the option to hold workshops in No. Alabama, Tennessee or the Carolinas.



8:00 Meeting- We took a break and held a meeting of the NA Foundation Group. Since Saturday Seventh Son Meeting was one of the meetings that closed, we held our own meeting because we needed one! Four newcomers showed up for the meeting. We passed out four white key tags.

Topic of Recovery and Relapse was established when meeting opened and the new members came in late. All had been in recovery before and were coming back to NA.


Overseas: Our contact person in Denmark is still touch and will make a few more tiny corrections to the Danish Welcome Page. We hope South Africa is enjoying our progress. India now has a chat room and time available for online meetings. We will look into setting up NA Foundation Group Online with those members. All you need is a microphone and speakers to communicate.

Mark in S. Africa sent a report which will be uploaded in due course. His group came under some local concern about Traditions and he contacted both the WSO and the NAWOL page. His report on the exchanges are interesting.


Dalton NAFG - Still participating in Extreme Northern Area. Have dropped down to one meeting a week on Friday. We are considering a restart of two meetings. Several members have new daytime jobs which creates a need for night time meetings. Two open discussion, one workshop per week. Might have to relocate in order to have night meetings for NAFG.



Marietta NAFG - Billy Wilson died last week. We all miss him.. He would be here in person, instead he is here in spirit.

We may start new NAFG meeting on another week night here at the Clubhouse of the Rising Sun. Our group now has several solid members attending and a second meeting would help our group. It could be a discussion only meeting. After some consideration, we decided to open a bank account in group name. We will put some money in local meeting baskets with money from our treasury to make sure we are contributing. The problems with Area prompt us to donate excess funds to WSO. Funds beyond a prudent reserve in the checking account will also go to WSO. This account will allow us to make periodic financial reports of group growth.


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Traditions War: a pathway to peace,
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