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Moultrie Literature
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319 from Tifton towards Moultrie. 133 west to Doerun, about ten miles. There should be signs posted to help you find us. Should be left on 270 for about six blocks in Doerun to Broad Street.

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Literature Conference

at Doerun, Georgia


March 24, 2001

The Miami crew was thrown off balance and were unable to attend due to causes beyond their control. Joe M called and said Sean’s boss threatened to fire him, so he couldn’t come. Shirley was going to come but had something real important come up with her school. So, this meant Joe couldn’t come because he was limited by a health condition from driving too far. We missed you all but are glad you had the good sense to take care of business. We did fine. See you in Miami!!!

Marla and Steve were unable to come from Dalton. We had an NA meeting Friday night and visited, talking about what we would do on Saturday. It would have been abrasive to push for a six o’clock start on Friday.

We didn’t really get started until 12:00 noon Saturday. While we kept doing what we could, there were several setbacks. One was that part of the equipment wouldn’t work. This kept us from going into the work earlier. But we had several members begin the readings while others were trying to solve the problem. We began with the Serenity Prayer, Charles chairing. Darlene led the reading of Chapter One. Everybody took turns reading one paragraph each. We believe we got all the typos. We got in some supplies and went on to Chapter Two. They found one typo and it was corrected. These two chapters seemed to be in incredibly good shape!

Attendance: Bo S, Charles M, Joe L, Lady JJ, Jesse R, Shirley T and Crystal B.


The first posts were put on the Bulletin Board at 2:00 as well as a post on the It was interesting to note that the NA members who had never done lit work before not only performed excellently, there was not one moment of negativity. There were a couple of times fatigue set in and we took breaks. Jesse and Shirley went out to get snacks for the group to eat so we wouldn’t have to leave the building.


Mid-Life Crisis - New material. Read in group setting and found a couple of poor sentences. But is read fine and will provide some important perspectives that are not otherwise covered in our recovery material. Thanks to the member who contributed the material...

12:00 noon Saturday - We worked till midnight and got through editing the first three chapters. We also did the reading with marks on chapter four but will have to factor the edits into the main document in the morning. We printed out seven copies of the first three chapters for attending members.

Special thanks to Darlene and Charles for staying late and working so hard. Also, to the NA members of Moultrie who came and helped us.


Sunday March 25 -Went to Wal-Mart and got supplies to make folders of the Chapters we went over along with the minutes. Bo went around building and took some video footage of the Clubhouse.

Darlene came in and we went to work on factoring in marks from last nights group reading of Chapter 4.

Darlene agreed to workshop chapter Five and send along for inclusion. Thanks for all the great help!!!

Next Conference in Miami May 25, 26, 27 and 28th.

Love you all!!!


******************  Mail List ******************

Shirley T 3516 Hwy 111 West; Cairo, Georgia 31728 912.377.1867

Jesse R 3779 Hwy 111 North; Cairo, Georgia 31728 912.377.3235 912.377.3235

Joe L 121 Lynn Street Moultrie, Georgia 31768 912.985.1867

JJ A 8 Cooper Road; Tifton, Georgia 31794 912.382.8698

Darlene W  P.O. Box 144 Ty Ty, Georgia 31795 912. 382.8698

Charles M P.O. Box 24 Moultrie, Georgia 31768 912.985.7754

Bo S 340 Woodstone Drive; Marietta, Georgia 30068 770.971.8931

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