Traditions War: a pathway to peace

Chapter 11 
World Service Inventory




When Judge Pollack failed to admonish Grateful Dave over the Baby Blue court case and opted instead to admonish both Dave and WSO to make concessions to one another, WSO realized their grip on the literature copyrights was not secure. It is possible that the ‘Inventory’ was designed to shut down the only service body that could give WSO serious problems if it wanted to do so.  It proved to be a successful ‘non-move’ meaning it appeared benign and sincere but was actually adroit in that it achieved one goal while appearing to reach for another. The Fellowship was very clear about what it expected World Services to do and the policies and procedures for doing it. No region requested the ‘inventory’ and yet WSO controlled the instruments of communication from WSC, WSB, WSO, the NA Way Magazine and the Fellowship Reports. So?


To change the service structure, especially in regard to the Second Tradition, required pressure on the Twelve Traditions. The Twelve Concepts, while well intended, contain language that is the gravest assault on the Twelve Traditions since they were approved by AA in 1955. Along with the Steps, we were encouraged to adopt the Twelve Traditions of AA as a 12 Step fellowship. As a member of the NA World Service Conference, I was asked to do a report on the AA service structure and found the 12 Concepts of Service to AA to have real teeth and certain provisions to protect the rights of the AA Fellowship. Any serious reader should compare the two documents side-by-side. We have to do a partial comparison here to make it clear that the NA Concepts are not related beyond being numbered twelve.


Once the Concepts were in place, the Guide to Local Services could be approved. This was such a damaging and exhausting process, that it just plain wore out members to oppose it. The breach of trust was so enormous that NA members could either disbelieve what they were being told by a few members or they would have to get up in arms and challenge the whole organization of world services. Few members were willing to do this, so they took the choice of disbelieving what they were told or they ignored it. Right or wrong, we only have so much time apart from work and our families. And no one was expecting an attack from such a source, a source that was supposed to be serving. And, after all, God would not let such an awful thing happen, right?

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