Traditions War: a pathway to peace

Chapter 13 
The Internet



For the first time in our history, NA members from all over the world could access, read, download inexpensively and discuss documents, records and other materials from the world wide web. This network is science fiction come true and it helps us unify our information base and get answers we would never be able to do without this blessing. The study, communication, email groups and ease of contact with members overseas makes it possible to learn and study on a level that would have been out of the question a few years back.


This low-cost method of expression, presentation and rebuttal has largely replaced what used to happen in our service structure. Clogged up with rules that make free expression impossible, we have to meet our needs any way we can. The NA-net is a real God send. Without the ability to see and hear, an individual is trapped in their own mind. Only extraordinary means allow them contact with the outside world. Without the method of open sharing, written reports and the opportunity to respond and be heard, our Fellowship is not able to know what changes have occurred and has just evolved into a form that doesn’t concern itself with the goings and comings of world service. Surely this is a blessing of sorts but we still need up to date recovery materials, information on how to better carry our message and what is happening in other areas and parts of the world. It must be understood that NA is not “up for grabs.” We are defined as an open, loving, and caring Fellowship by our lives and by our literature. This is not subject to change. When we talk about input and feedback, we really mean new stuff, new in the positive useful sense. Members that amazingly fail to grasp this simple principle, often go off as if instructed to re-invent the whole program. Rest assured, that is not what we mean. Early recovery concerned itself with just getting past withdrawal and into working the 12 Steps, with some mention of the 12 Traditions. Now, we are able to write about and share our experience in a hundred areas of everyday life. Parents can share how they apply NA principles to their home life and rearing children who reflect the love and joy of a spiritual life. We can extend the light of recovery into all parts of our lives. The communications among addicts world wide has never been greater.


As the cost goes down and the availability and resources go up, we will increasingly be able to communicate with written posts, audio and video media. We may have a group of members, visible on a large screen meet with another group of members on the other side of the world for an hour for twenty dollars. Certainly, we can make and mail CD and DVD videos that allow us to speak directly to members no matter where they live. Feelings and concerns will be expressed and coherence of focus and activity will emerge, in whatever form it may take. So, there is no question that the NA Fellowship will become informed enough to resume it’s dominance of what happens at the world level and any other item or issue affecting it’s spiritual integrity. Surely there will arise leaders who are able to transform the current structure into something more friendly and workable - or else it will be replaced. How else could it be? Abraham Lincoln said, “You can fool some of the people all the time, all the people some of the time but you can’t fool all the people all the time.” Getting our message into jails will always be a challenging and tough job for members who are able to step up to the plate. Some members will always want to work to get the word out so that addicts in pain and desperation will be able to reach us. And members like us will want to explore the possibilities of written recovery materials. And, you know, we like to get caught up in things that feel good. Real service gives an individual a feeling of worthiness and energy that allows us the step into a new life clean, willing to make amends and able to live without causing harm to others. The Twelve Steps allow us to go as far as we want into the spiritual life.


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