Traditions War: a pathway to peace

Chapter 20 
Pathway to Peace

The truth of our daily recovery is miraculous in nature. It far outweighs our concerns about NA service politics and the learning curves others may have before them. We’ve already been through hell, what’s a little purgatory? There would be no point in writing this material were it not for our hope that a way be presented that allows NA members and our friends to discern exactly how we have grown and how we have dealt successfully with all the real-life problems we have encountered along the way. While nature allows us to heal, we have the disease of addiction which does not go away entirely, even in the best recovery. It sleeps, and perhaps while it sleeps, it dreams. It may dream pleasant scenes or it may make nightmares. Maintaining our spiritual condition is one way to describe what we do to keep our sanity and optimistic attitude in mind amid all the concerns of daily life, including what is being done in our NA name. Surrender, faith, self-examination lead us into the new life. While we can hope to understand and even sympathize with the concerns that have led our world service contingents to shut down to a great degree the open communications we once had between world and our general membership, it is no great matter to be set straight or restored to some former condition. No, we have to go on with our lives, our recovery and our service. We can wish others well we have to keep acting on the impulse to care for others and help in any way we can.


This writing can catalogue, sequence and in some cases explain what has happened - it cannot change it. We are being as through and careful as possible to restrict our statements and positions to the evidence of minutes, official reports and personal correspondence but this will surely be a lost effort to some. Negativity cannot generate stuff of its own, so it always has to find some positive effort to condemn or destroy. We, on the other hand, are as free to create and explore as anyone could want. We neither hate nor despise the poor people who have fallen to the traps of egotism and control. We accept them and their behavior and exult in our escape from pettiness and fear. What does concern us is that others not be led into dissolution and despair by poor leadership and unavailability of study materials. People cannot be blamed for not knowing that which they cannot read and study.


We know that we have to each of us find a way into our own hearts and hold on to that peace and certainty there, born of our own true experience. While there is great beauty and joy in sharing recovery, we must each make this very private and personal journey within ourselves. All that God can give us is there awaiting our desire to know and be a part of life in all its forms. It is waiting for you and you have only to calm yourself and look within to know what we are talking about. The noisy cannot hear it, the busy cannot see it but it the reality of higher power is there always, just beyond our field of perception. We can only acquire it with our surrender.


When we can do this, we will not go crazy over what world service is doing or not doing. If other members go temporarily insane, we can stand by looking for ways to help but we will not be drawn into their illusions. God will grant us a way to help and our path will widen and deepen as time goes by. Gratitude and sincerity are the building blocks of the new life. All that we need will be brought to us as we become ready for it, with more on the way. All we have to do is calm down and accept the miracle. Going sour, complaining about our imperfect perceptions, blaming life for being real, forgetting that whatever pain our moments bring, we are alive and can often do something to better our situations. We will finally realize we are drawn back again and again to lessons we have to learn so that we can go on. The lessons are blessings in packages and we forget or don’t know to look inside for the meaning. When we remind each other of the reality of the Spirit, our own spirit grows.


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