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This book is the result of the love and hard work of many grateful addicts.


We are NA members who believe that NA recovery is more than simple abstinence from drugs - it is a way of life.


We are sharing our experience with recovery by writing this book . What has been learned by a few can be used by any who are interested. We are dedicated - pass it on!


Please pray according to your belief before participating in this work. We want this work born from the common love and grateful spirit that we have when we ask to be the instrument of a loving God. There is danger of this simple point being lost in personalities and constant prayer is the only protection that we have. Please join in this fantastic opportunity to help write a state of the art recovery text. We are inspired that this opportunity comes on the eve of the new millenium.


The service structure by which we were able to develop group conscience literature like "The Basic Text" no longer exists. We are exercising our freedom as NA members for collecting and presenting the thoughts that demonstrate our views of what is experienced and what is possible in NA recovery. Although we are autonomous, we try to act in a way that will contribute to the common good of the Fellowship of NA.


You can write input or respond on a current article on the Quest Forum, English only please.

If you are concerned about policy, want the history of the project, or have a question - please e-mail directly. Any suggestion on how to make the page appear more clear to utilize will be appreciated.

New material submitted by members or groups will be displayed and should be sent directly by e-mail. All ideas and comments are welcome and encouraged. We are glad that you have the interest and courage for participation in this project.

Please include your name, last initial, your country of origin, if you are desirous of correspondence with a WOL worker, and the language in which you prefer receiving correspondence. It will be helpful to have a way of contacting you directly or by e-mail for a WOL worker could clarify your input should it become necessary. If you choose to provide direct contact information, you can do so by e-mail for privacy. Be assured that we will not give this information to people who are not involved with this project.


A voluntary worker may or may not be familiar with the language that they are translating into. This means that errors will definitely occur. Many will be humorous but some may be offensive or insulting. We ask that you be patient and give guidance when these occur. Remember that the purpose is carrying the message worldwide for participation in this project. We hope to have this book available in languages other than English and need YOU for this. We must all remain vigilant that the ties that hold us together are strong.


What we learn here will benefit all.


The magic of NA unity is clear when we see our desire for recovery reflected in others. When this occurs - we see, we understand, and we are one.

This is the strength of our unity.

Printed copies are now available!

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Reprinted from the 
Narcotics Anonymous Way of Life, 
Traditions War: a pathway to peace,
The Spirit of NA 
or NA Twenty Plus

being edited on this site.

Copyright December 1998
Victor Hugo Sewell, Jr.

NA Foundation Group
6685 Bobby John Road Atlanta, GA 30349 USA


All rights reserved. This draft may be copied by members of Narcotics Anonymous for the purpose of writing input for future drafts, enhancing the recovery of NA members and for the general welfare of the Narcotics Anonymous Fellowship as a whole. The use of an individual name is simply a registration requirement of the Library of Congress and not a departure from the spirit or letter of the Pledge, Preface or Introduction of this book. Any reproduction by individuals or organizations outside the Fellowship of Narcotics Anonymous is prohibited. Any reproduction of this document for personal or corporate monetary gain is prohibited.